Robert Piper-Photography Ltd. | Season-2017 The London Polo Club

Jose Miguel Smith 23rd June 2017. The London Polo Club, Equine Photography.Jose Miguel Smith-15 June 2017Katharine Smithwick-The London Polo Club, Equine Photography.Patrick & Lizzi's Horses-29 September 2017.Wk.23 Final David Healy Trophy, Allesford Trophy (Sponsored by Gurkha Welfare Trust), Rising Stars U16s Trophy, Farewell Cup-Sunday 1st October 2017.Wk.23 End of Season Fancy Dress & Chukka-Sunday 1st October 2017.Wk.23. HPC Dog Show. Sunday 1st October 2017.Wk.23 HPC Grooms' Challenge. Sunday 1st October 2017.Wk.22 (Part A) Players'  Black Tie Awards Dinner. Friday 22nd September 2017.Wk.22 (Part B) Final Billy Walsh Tournament, Final Kingfisher Trophy (Subsidiary Billy Walsh), Tiger Tops Trophy, Polo Challenge Trophy-Sunday 24th September 2017.Wk.21 Tigerstream Cup, Billy Walsh Tournament League Match, Jimmy Edwards' Cup-Sunday 17th September 2017.Wk.20 House of Nobel Trophy,Final HPC Ladies Cup, Subsidiary Final Ladies Cup-Sunday 20th September 2017.Wk.19. Ventura Pauly Trophy, Autumn Cup, Candilio Cup-Sponsored by Stepien Lake. Sunday 3rd September 2017.Wk.19 TBJ HAC 105 Polo Invitational-Saturday 2nd September 2017.Wk.18 Monday 28th August 2017. The London Polo Club hosts the 2017 Polo Ponies Show.Wk.18 Sunday 27th August 2017. The Roehampton Cup Final, Final Critchley Trophy, Club Match.Wk.17 Sunday 20th August 2017-Club Match, The Godbold Trophy & The Indian Army Trophy.Wk.17 Sunday 20th August 2017 -Young England Players-Stagshead Trophy.Wk.17 20 August 2017-Polo Pirates Challenge Match.Wk.16 Sunday 13th August 2017-The Finalista Cup, Club Match & American Tournament.Wk.15 Friday 4th August 2017-The Dubai Trophy Final & After Party.Wk.15. Sunday 6th August 2017. The Ritz Challenge Cup, Club Matches & Kylin Polo.Wk.15 Sunday 6th August-The Ritz Challenge Cup.Wk.14 Sunday 30 July 2017, Quatro Amigos Trophy and  Club Matches.Wk.13 Sunday 23 July 2017- Club Match & Don Zolio Trophy.Wk.12 Sunday 16th July 2017-The Sladmore Trophy, Summer Challenge Final, Summer Challenge Sub-Final, Club Match.Wk.11 Sunday 9th July 2017-Final Summer Tournament-Rosie Adams Bowl, June Bamberg Cup, Cheval Trophy, Edward Tauchert BowlWk.10 Thursday 29 June 2017- Inter Club Polo Match-Buck's Club vs The Turf ClubWk.9 Sunday 25th June 2017, Best of Richmond Cup, Peter Pitts Trophy, Club Matches.Wk.8 Sunday 18 June 2017, Cazenove Capital, Jaeger Le Coutre Cup, Final Petersham Bowl, John Player Plate (Sun Final-Petersham Bowl, Tertiary Final-Petersham Bowl.Wk.7 Sunday 11th June 2017, Argentine Cup, Tiger Mountain I, II, First Round Petersham Bowl.Wk.6 Sunday 4th June 2017-Challenge Match, Richmond Park Cup, David Brown Plate.Wk.5 Sunday 28th May 2017, Semi-Final Mixed Doubles Tournament, Challenge Match, Social Committee CupWk.5 Day 2. Monday 29th May 2017, Final Mixed Doubles Tournament, Sub-Final Mixed-Doubles, Club Match-Open DayWk.4 Sunday 21st May 2017, HR Owen Cup, BBVA BowlWk.2 Sunday 7th May 2017  Anthony Cup, Double Bett CupWk7. Jimmy Wood, 11 June 2017